Ceptual Institute

Anybody who wishes to invite these friendly and constructive people in this WikiForum or helping them to open up their special one?


-- FridemarPache

From ComplexSystems

Dear Fridemar, I didn't receive your message by email routing (will look to make sure my 'mailto:' is working properly. Found you by back tracking my url references report.

Thank you for your kind words. Your Wiki site looks very good. I like the full cross-interactiveness. Am just unsure how Ceptual Institute can participate with you. PLease tell me more. Who is participating and so on. Am intrigued. Jamie Rose <integrity@ceptualinstitute.com>

Dear Jamie (initiator and owner of the inspiring http://www.ceptualinstitute.com), I'm only a guest of this wonderful collaboration site, called WardsWiki. WardCunningham is the genius, who invented Wiki, made his initial software freely available and hosts this site. PeopleIndex gives a sketchy overview about the different people who collaborate here. A good introduction into this WikiForum ( of over 8000 pages ) is WelcomeVisitors. I put this answer as a CritLinked public letter annotation on your site and leave a pointer here at http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?CeptualInstitute to make it easier for friendly and collaborative people to find your site and WardsWiki. -- FridemarPache

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