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Change is part of our life. So is in a development process. Our process should be flexible enough to decide when to accept and how to deal with the change. One should always be anticipate and accept the change in a manner not disturbing the whole process. by in March 03.

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CulturalChange aims to disturbing the whole process, and is sometimes essential and urgent, from a BusinessContinuity perspective. For example, if there is a lingering question on WhomDoYouTrust in the ChangeYourOrganization initiative, then that aspect has to be resolved first.

TimeForReflection on ChangeManagementEnvironment

Recently I had an occasion to share a SuccessStory from a long time ago. Discussions revealed one CriticalSuccessFactor to that story is CulturalReadiness.

The story started when an enthusiatic, a bit naive, team leader from overseas got hired to support an inhouse rostering application. It was a brand new, well designed application that passed all quality tests. Shortly after cutover it created a crisis that affected the reputation of the IT department, because over two-thirds of the machine resources were used up by this new application. All other applications grind to a halt.

Unfortunately most of the online applications, this one included, were quite critical. For example, a very busy application used in managing shipment of precious cargo into and out of that city was getting unacceptable response times. In those days BigIron machine upgrades were very expensive and had a long planning cycle. Worse still, users had so much confidence of this computerization project that key personnel had been redeployed so backing out of the implementation was not an option.

The natural team to be called to find a solution was the development team, led by a very bright individual with good project skills. Nothing significant was found and reluctantly the work was given to this new hire without much expectations for success.

A turnaround came within a few weeks time and a faulty piece of code was discovered and rectified. This was following by more successes, enough for management to sail over the crisis and claim the experience as a "nation building exercise".

In retelling this story it became more apparent that CulturalChange, made possible during that crisis period, had a great part to do with the outcome. Protocol barriers were broken and the usual rivalry between teams were suspended. Many conditions and steps outlined in TheHeartOfChange came together, during that short but memorable period.

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