Change Your Organization

MartinFowler's advice on a strategy for improving one's lot.

"You can ChangeYourOrganization or ChangeYourOrganization."

That is...
	"You can ChangeYourOrganization
	    (change how the work is done at your current employer)
	  or ChangeYourOrganization."
	    (find a new employer)

But, be mindful of the teachings from SerenityPrayer. Sometimes long periods of serenity are required, or even dictated. TimeForaParadigmShift as suggested by ChangeYourOrganization may arrive a bit later than your liking, and BrainsAsaCheapCommodity could also affect your ability to exercise the JustLeave option.

Many people who repeat this quote focus on the quitting alternative. Don't discard the improvement alternative too quickly. Most people (including managers) know that their organizations need improvement. All it takes is someone with the ideas, energy, and organizational skills to do it. If there is some change you want to make, don't be afraid of trying. The worst that can happen is that somebody will say No.

However never forget that often the barrier to change within an organization is UnconsciousIncompetence in managers with the power to say yes but the inclination to say no. Also consider that the organizations most resistant to change are those most in need of it. Constantly beating your head against these two factors can be the quickest route into BurnOut -- MartinSpamer

ChangeYourOrganizationDiary is an account of someone trying to change their organization (without quitting).

There's a third interpretation, an alternative to the "my way or highway" thing; you can change your internal organization, meaning the structure of the way you respond to stuff that's outside you, including your company. Maybe your organization (your company) is at least as good as you. Why not? It's just a bunch of people kind of like you.

-- WaldenMathews

I would suggest that there are already too many willing minions of orthodoxy. -- MartinSpamer

ChangeYourOrganization is not practical for most members of this Wiki, because it is a CulturalChange that MartinFowler is talking about. Ask Ward about his successes with the collaborations concepts at Microsoft, for example. I reckon it takes another BillGates type personality to change that company.
WARNING: ChangeYourOrganization can be a CareerLimitingMove.

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