Charles Simonyi

Team leader of Bravo, the first WYSIWYG word processor (for the Alto at XeroxParc). Team leader for MicrosoftWord and other projects there. Inventor of HungarianNotation, though he would argue he had a different purpose in mind for it than its current simple-minded application. Also started the IntentionalProgramming project. And now a cosmonaut (


Left Microsoft in September, 2002 to run a start-up (

"Mr. Simonyi's start-up, based in Bellevue, Wash., is called the IntentionalSoftwareCorporation?. Its goal is to build software tools and technology to make the task of programming less complicated and more productive. These programming tools may use graphic images or charts, as well as text-based computer languages, to represent the underlying programs."

Perhaps now we will see what is meant by TimeForaParadigmShift. Charles was free to think, but now he will be free to innovate, and translate that innovation into knowledge as well as into ProcessImprovementTools. It would be well if his new company is organized as a LearningOrganization. In any case, it should be a hotbed of activity and a place worth watching. Time will tell.

Charles Simonyi endowed the Chair for the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University, formerly held by Professor RichardDawkins. See

Recent Beet Tv interview September 2007:

Fortunate to have been a Space Tourist on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the InternationalSpaceStation? April 7, through April 22, 2007.

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