Chronic Procrastinator

Everybody procrastinates to some degree. A chronic procrastinator does it all the time and can't seem to control it. Some time management techniques that work for the average procrastinator either don't work well, or sometimes backfire when a chronic procrastinator tries to use them. Example, a chronic procrastinator may overdo a ToDoList to the point that the list seems to make the problem bigger than it really is, causing further procrastination. (A potential solution in this case may be to use a NextList instead.)

I'll write something insightful here later. I promise. Tomorrow at the latest.

Never do tomorrow what can be put off indefinitely.

I'd put this off now, but I'm really stacked up and can't be bothered, so I'll put it off later.


Congratulations on beating the habit!

Many ChronicProcrastinators may in fact be suffering from AttentionDeficitDisorder (something often undiagnosed in adults -- the symptoms in adults generally don't include hyperactivity and misbehavior).

NextList (similar to ToDoList) is useful for ChronicProcrastinators, maybe.

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