Clear Water Has No Fish

ClearWaterHasNoFish is an ancient saying from China?

It has been used to explain why in an environment with rigorous rules is also one without activity and life.

In the case of WardsWiki, it has been suggested that if there are lots of restrictions on OffTopic material, then people will stay away and we will not have a critical mass to FixBrokenWindows.

OTOH, if there are excessive amount of OffTopic material then the main purpose of the site would be lost as well. A case of PollutedWaterHasNoFish?.

So back to basics. Where is the sweet spot? Is it related to the net contribution of regulars? (amount of pollution they contribute vs cleaning duties they perform).

I am probably wrong, but I think :

All considered, this site is here to demonstrate WhyWikiWorks, and HowWikiWorks, and these purposes are even more important than those stated in paragraph 2 of WelcomeVisitors.

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