Client Utility

An implementation at HP of the SplitCapabilityModel. (The "Client Utility" was also known as "The E-Speak Beta", as opposed to "The E-Speak Product", which was based on SPKI (the SimplePublicKeyInfrastructure).

The Client Utility was a project started at HP Labs in late 1995 as an implementation of the The Global Computer . A system built around the Client Utility Architecture was released in December 1999 as the Beta 2.2 version of HP's middleware product E-speak. Following that release, the product was retargeted to B2B platforms. The resulting E-speak 3.14 release in April 2000 was substantially different from the Client Utility, but it did retain many of its features. HP abandoned all its middleware products, including e-speak, in May 2001. At that time, five companies were using e-speak as a critical component of their businesses.

The Client Utility Architecture was produced before the implementation was started. (It is also available in PDF from Although this document represents our thinking early in the design process, it does not describe the E-speak Beta 2.2 as delivered. However, it is the best tutorial available. Other publications of parts of the Client Utility architecture are

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