Code Deodorant

CodeSmells signal the existence of problems.

CodeDeodorants remove the smell without removing the cause.


DesignPatterns often serve as CodeDeodorant for LanguageSmells.

The root cause of CodeSmells is UnconsciousIncompetence on the part of programmers - NoHintingNeeded?. CodeDeodorants (I like it! Funny!) attempt to cover the smell instead of removing it via ReFactoring.

Some CommercialDeodorants? which claim to remove the smells work by AnesthetizingTheNose?. They are NasalAnesthetic?s. Therefore we should consider as CodeDeodorant's methods which put your method for DetectingCodeSmell?s OutOfAction, without removing the root cause or the smell itself.

It would be interesting to have some examples where automated tools for detecting CodeSmells are rendered insensitive e.g. by macros or by other means....

CodeDeodorant may be neccessary if CodeSmell is imminent (e.g. due to LanguageSmells). This may be reason for CommentTheWhy.

See: CodePerfume

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