Code Review

Because chances to discuss your own mental awesomeness, expressed in your code, are few and fleeting!

See: CodeReviewPatterns

To throw out a few books: (Don't throw those out, they're good books. ;-)
Some of these (and a few others, along with websites) have been mentioned previously in IssuesOnReviews:

Software Inspection : An Industry Best Practice; by David A. Wheeler (Editor), Bill Brykczynski, Reginald N., Jr Meeson; IEEE Computer Society Press, February 1996, ISBN 0818673400 ; URL:

The WWW Formal Technical Review Archives at (particularly the link to the FTR library pages)

Papers with "Review" and/or "Inspection" in their title by Michael Fagan (see

Papers by Robert G. Ebenau as well as the book Software Inspection Process (ISBN 0070621667 )

Daniel P. Freedman and Gerald M. Weinberg's Handbook of Walkthroughs, Inspections, and Technical Reviews (ISBN 0-932633-19-6 , see

TomGilb and Dorothy Graham's book Software Inspection, which is one of the more comprehensive ones (also see

There have been a whole series of quite scientific experiments on Code Reviews published in the IEEE Tansactions on Software Engineering and at the International Conferences on Software Engineering. Various researchers have tried varying the numbers of reviewers or compared virtual vs face-to-face meetings to see how to find the most defects for the least time and effort. You can find 37 detailed refs by following my signature to my bibliographic search and looking for INSPECTION --DickBotting
Take a look at the FaganDefectFreeProcess for another view of inspections.

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