Cognitive Types

Many people think that there are different kinds of people. People are good at some things and not others. For example, not everyone can be good at sales. Not everyone can be good at programming. Not everyone can be good at fund raising etc. -- JonGrover

I have a system where cognitive types are used to identify which people would be good at which job functions based on a set of cognitive characteristics which combine to meet the cognitive capabilities of a give task. These are business oriented.

These cognitive types are:
 A Appearance/Advocacy	-- the ability to make somethihng look good / aesthetics
 B Boldness/Bravery	-- the ability to take and give pressure, and 
				the ability to stand up to demands and confrontational situations in the modern world
 C Creativity		-- the ability come up with new ideas, original solutions to problems, combined with A this makes a good combination for a web designer.
 D Diagnostic Intelligence/InductiveReasoning
				-- the ability to find out what is wrong with something (a program, an engine etc)
				the abilty to debug it
				the ability to take large numbers of detais and identify whole rule involved 
 E Emotional Intelligence/EQ -- 
				the ability to understand ones own emotions, 
				the ability to empathize with and identify other's emotions and characteristics and
				the ability to relate well to people.
 F Financial Intelligence  -- the ability to handle money well, do fund raising, budgeting,
				the ability to purchase well, sell well etc.
 G Growth/Motivation/Stewardship --
				The ability to grow ones self, to help others grow, to shepherd growth,
				the ability to know when to leave someting alone and let it develop,
				the ability to provide guidance when necessary, the abilty
				the ability to 'fade into the background' so that what is being grown gets the full attention.
 H Ramification intelligence/Safety/Imagination/Worry
				-- (I may move this to R), 
				the ability to understand what the ramifications of certain actions will be.
 I IQ/LogicalIntelligence?  -- this is what the IQ tests test. 
				The ability to think logically, analytically, and reductionisticially. 
				The ability to General intelligence at a high level.
 J Physical Inteligence	-- the ability to control and move one's body
 K Dynamic Inteligence/KineticIntelligence?/SituationAwareness?
				-- the ability to handle situations where many things are going on at the same time
				the ability to handle situations where timing is important.
				Dispatchers, race car drivers, athletes, and system adminstrators do well if they have this one. 
				This includes multitasking
 L Linguistic Intelligence -- the ability to use language well in speaking, writing, email etc,
				the ability to learn foreign languages, and to speak eloquently.
 M Mechanical Intelligence/Finger Manipulation --
				the ability handle, use, pilot, manipulate, and understnad tools and machines, from a pair of tweezers to a Mining truck
 N Networking Intelligence/Navigational Intelligence
				-- The ability to network with people, have contacts, know people in the business
				the ability to search large data sets such as a library or the Internet for something specific - to navigate though networks of people and ideas to find what you want.
 O Organization INtelligence/Dlegation/Orders
				-- The ability to take and give orders, provide feedback,
				the ability to work within a human organization etc.
 P Practical Intelligence  -- The ability to know what it takes to do something, and to focus on this
 Q Recognition/Matching	-- The ability to recognize that this is what you are looking for,
				the ability to identify quary once fond,
				the ability to recognize who would be good for what job functions, and
				the ability to recognize what markets would be appropriate for a particular invention
				the ability to recognize what technology woud be the right one to use for a product/pproject
 R Inspirational Leadership/Charisma/Presence
				-- (I may move this to H), the abilty to inspire either directly or by example
 S Moral Intelligence/Service
				-- the ability to know what is right and wrong and to care.
				-- spiritual intelligence, this is a good type of intellignece for a Minister
				-- the desire and commitment ot serve customers, to serve other people
 T Team Intelligence	-- The ability to work well within teams, to survive in teams,
					  to become part of the team, and
					  to influence the actions of the team from within

If you assume that a person's basic 'professional type' is based on the three of these that are the most prominent for them, then that gives you about 1200 combinations, easily enough detail to map on to all the various job functions that exist in business

"Spiritual intelligence"? And how would you measure that? I feel sorry for the atheists. An Athiest can have "Spiritual Intelligence". I guess it would be a measure of how much one thinks about "The Big Questions", regardless of the answers they come up with.

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