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Links can lead us from here to many other places and may become collections ThinkingOutLoud.DonaldNoyes.20120202
While working on a extension of NoteWiki, an ArtifactTechnique called CollectionViaLinks was used to present note names which have been associated or attached to the currently displayed note. This is to allow navigation for the user to related ideas, notions or facts, integrating g the note into a collection of notes making it and the wiki more understandable.

The first of these which was already included via a contol-key combination which displayed another form with Backlinks. In the a clone of NoteWiki, NoteWiki2012, a control was used in lieu of the manual form display, a combobox which added backlinks to it ("links to") and persisted for the displayed page in a column placed on the note's right side. One may also do the same for the "links from" the note in a collecting called "ForwardLinks" in same column below the backlinks.
In my application of WikiBatics, and particularly with the use of Acrobat while browsing pages containing links (the right-click presenting menu items available) and its strengths in gathering a collection of links into a single pdf document which is extensible using the same artifactory, that a viable, relative and useful on or offline document is made available. After having used this in the creation of a first document, which is a first level document, it is noted that further extension of the document is possible in the InternetBrowser to go to links established as pertinent links to the subject being browsed. What this means is this: I can load a page via the browser, right-click and select "convert to pdf", and a document having a very close approximation of the original page is created, complete with clickable links. The links then can cause the document's extension via the right-click on "append to document".

It became apparent that one might create documents which have a series of related links (only) which deal with a given topic or subject, or line of enquiry, to be used to create in a very short period of time, a browsable document on the subject. By further process of this initial document, one might even create a personally available CollectionViaLinks that may resemble a book with hundreds of related pages. Using the term "Wikibatic root document" for this page with collection of links became an obvious process worth exploiting.

There are methods by which this extension may be automated by a person knowledgeable of the action of agents similar to "spiders", except that the process is done with a guided, limited approach, not simply grabbing every link available. ''Notes:

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