Communicating Sequential Processes

CommunicatingSequentialProcesses is a concurrency model invented by TonyHoare. He wrote a (good) book about it by the same name. The book is now available for free online from

Other similar models are listed under ProcessCalculus .

Professor Sir Charles Anthony Richard Hoare, FRS (TonyHoare) is currently [2003/2004] working at Microsoft's Cambridge (UK) research facility helping with a language based on CSP and C#: PolyphonicCeeSharp (now CeeOmega).

Other ProgrammingLanguages which have built-in support for CommunicatingSequentialProcesses include: Erlang uses a model that is closer to ActorsModel, and Ada is debatable: you can implement CSP relatively easily using task rendezvous, but it's really a shared state model.
Hardware implementations of CommunicatingSequentialProcesses also exist.

Also see ProcessCalculus, SendReceiveReply, JoinCalculus, ActorsModel, JavaCsp, OhHaskell.

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