Complexity Management

ComplexityManagement is the application of techniques to simplify complicated interactions in the environment. [temporary short description OpenAuthor].

Study of complexity and its commercial applications appears to be the NextBigThing in early years of this century, both in an organization setting and in the ICT industry. As the external environment become more volatile with globalization, so there exists a need to have continuous improvement in BusinessModel (both organization and IT) to ensure only EssentialComplexity exists.

Equally important is the development of BusinessContinuity programs to ensure an orderly transition between the two potentially very different BusinessModels at a cost that is aligned with LeanEnterprise? principles.

Business dimension

An example being BalancedScoreCard.

Also Harvard selected a research? area as last years top-twenty ?"promising" developments

And then there are UK-originated spin-offs from Cynefin Centre research pioneered by David Snowden.

Cognitive Complexity - People and Issue management aspects

Technology dimension

See ComplexEventProcessing, BusinessActivityMonitoring


Learning to Manage Complexity at wrote about ComplexityManagement, using SupplyChain? disruptions to illustrate discussions in TheResilientEnterprise? book.

Cynefin centre research articles in CreativeCommons see

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