Component Design Patterns Acknowledgements

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The following people are not currently authors, but have provided assistance, advice, important information, or have generally been helpful in one way or another:

BradAppleton, RalphJohnson, MichaelFeathers, StuartBarker, DaveHarris, JoshuaKerievsky, MikeBeedle, SteveBerczuk, AlistairCockburn, RaySchneider, DavidHarvey, JoshuaSusser, ChrisCleeland

This list is in no order, and was created by looking at who's contributed to the WikiWikiWeb pages that our project is composed of. Don't be shy -- if you are missing from the list and you have contributed, feel free to add yourself. Conversely, if you are on the list and don't want to be there, take yourself off :-)

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