Componentbased Scalable Logical Architecture

ComponentbasedScalableLogicalArchitecture (CSLA) is an implementation framework using MicrosoftDotNet products. This has been promoted by RockfordLhotka?, who has written books and have active forums on discussion of his architecture (see

He has responded to queries to the stability of his architecture in light of technological changes, see for example, an article on MicrosoftIndigo and WindowsLonghorn on CSLA at

Note Rockford has been a proponent of BusinessObject for many years, dating from VbClassic days. He has this CSLA thing developed even then (which I missed, I was on BigBlue stuff then). See

I would appreciate software architects frequenting this site tell us more about the essence of CSLA, whether it will likely be a significant player in the ServiceOrientedArchitecture arena, its perceived strengths and weaknesses. -- DavidLiu


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