Computer Scientist Gamers

I find it interesting that most ComputerScience majors entered the field for no other reason than to make money writing ComputerGames. I find it interesting now that I work on a board game website... -- ChuckSmith
What is it that you've seen or heard or read that brings you to the conclusion that most Computer Science majors entered the field with the intent of going into gaming?

From talking to my Computer Science friends... very scientific basis I know. heh
List of people who originally studied ComputerScience to write ComputerGames:
How about some other reasons why people studied Computer Science (or taught themselves it as a hobby)? Please, each person add just one.
I find it interesting that one of my coworkers, John Knoderer, wrote the very first StarTrek game ever written to run on microcomputers in 1978! -- ChuckSmith
It would be interesting to list some reasons you've stayed on f games did get you into programming, but you have ended up not writing games for a living.
Strange. I never thought about it that way. But I have to admit, that my very first real program was a game (on an electronic experimental kits 4-bit processor). And many of my following programs revolved around games (mostly on the AtariSt). But my interest changed quickly to compilers and operating systems, even though I still toy around with some game ideas occasionally. But for me game programming was never the reason for programming nor for the study of ComputerScience - interest and curiosity for (mathematical and other) problems was. -- GunnarZarncke

I actually ended up with CS degree not because of the video games (although I've tried to design a few along the way) but because the college I went too would not teach a ComputerEngineering degree and I didn't want to go do the EE path. Ah, the road less travelled.

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