Concept Destruction

Rather than edit something with which one disagrees, perhaps changing its meaning, the WikiMaster will draw a line and comment below the line. -- RonJeffries

This seems to be rather at odds with the etiquette described on AddingNewPages, which suggests that signed entries should be inviolate while unsigned entries are fair game for editing and elaboration. Two people trying to edit the same page with different understandings about this convention are going to come to grief eventually. So do the various comments on AddingNewPages make sense or not? -- PeterMerel

Editing to improve readability or to better express the ideas already there seems fine to this editor. Changing the meaning of the original posting would not be appropriate, nor would an InterleaveEdit which seriously dilutes the original point. Such material is best put below a dividing line rather than interleaved. -- RonJeffries

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