Conceptual Inertia

Reisner's Rule of Conceptual Inertia

"If you think big enough, you'll never have to do it."

"If you never do it, you'll never get paid."
Some ideas are grand in theory, but lack the initial impetus to get moving and to get other people to contribute. Other ideas are quick and easy to implement, and they happen. Sometimes the latter can become as grand as what was theorized (though not exactly according to theory). An example anyone can appreciate is the stall on the NuPedia and the success of WikiPedia.

PleaseComment why do you think this happens? Is it fear of failure? Not having a nice grasp on a good starting point?

I find myself more and more falling into traps of working on quick-and-dirty side projects rather than simply getting my work done, and it's becoming a real problem now. >: (
Me too. I'm a businessman but keep making commitments on my hobby (programming). It is becoming an issue...

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