Copy Left Argument

Though I like many of the extensions [In WikiClones], it's sad to see that folk haven't just added these to the original. I think it's because of the licensing; it would be very good for WikiWiki if its transition to CopyLeft could be expedited. -- PeterMerel

I'm very sorry if I seemed impatient - that was not my intention at all. I have only the greatest respect for folk working on wikiness and I appreciate that such delicate fish must be cooked gently.

But I'm not certain why you think CopyLeft would threaten any wiki users' intellectual property rights. There are a great many copyleft products in use in commercial development shops - linux, apache and gcc to name three whose users number in the millions - and I don't believe any such use would be made if anyone felt their intellectual property was at risk.

IANAL, but I've never seen the opposite view before - can you refer to some real case where a GnuGeneralPublicLicense, say, had such an effect?

-- PeterMerel.
There are copylefted versions of Wiki. Specifically, JosWiki claims to be under the GnuGeneralPublicLicense. Glancing at the source code, it looks to me to be a fresh implementation (and it has quite a few new features). May be it would be a better starting point for collaborative work because of these licensing issues. -- DaveHarris
I looked at JosWiki, and while the functionality is very cool, the source code seems to be missing from the site. I am very interested in running a WikiWikiClone, and I'd like to run it from GPL's source on general principles. Can anyone send me the source to JosWiki, or point me to another GPL's Wiki? Ideally, one that runs over CVS (a phenomenally cool idea, BTW. I ran a web server over ClearCase, a versioning filesystem, a few years ago, and loved it. But ClearCase is absurdly expensive...)

Could any of you with experience of such things comment on different LicensingTerms?


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