Corporate Memory

Corporate memory sounds like ManagementSpeak, but it is supposed to be meaningful.

An organization has to maintain information that outlives any of its members. Preferably, the mechanism should be well-defined, instead of ad-hoc.

Wiki seems like a good implementation of CorporateMemory. Other GroupWare tools (like NNTP or LotusNotes) can be used for CorporateMemory.

Perhaps a related term is KnowledgeManagement.

-- DirckBlaskey

CorporateMemory consists of much more than can be written down, though,

Some thoughts from KmWiki: DenhamGrey

CorporateMemory is often embodied in the skills and project memories of the ""old hands"" that created the technology or the products. It is usually not feasible to store it in documents or other non-human storage mechanisms because so much of it is lived experience and not very easily communicated, often because the persons that do it don't really know how they do it. It's a matter of instinct and feel developed from experience doing it. A lot of knowledge is like that. Much of the Expert Systems movement of the mid-1980's was motivated by the attempt to find a mechanism for storing these Corporate Memories as they retired and before they died. It didn't generally work out. Often the best way is to apprentice someone to the existing CorporateMemory so that the expertise can be passed on in the age old way. --RaySchneider

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