Corporate Performance Management

CorporatePerformanceManagement (CPM) is a StrategicManagement concern.

At a tactical level, PerformanceManagement is typically a required component of a significant BusinessProcessManagement initiative, be it SixSigma, BusinessProcessReengineering, KaiZen, etc.

At the Corporate level, the metrics need to assess the ability of the program to add value, financials that are immediately measurable, as well as "wellness" measures that gauge the impact on the organization into the future. A BalancedScoreCard is an example of a process that generates Performance Management for these sometimes conflicting goals.

As an alternative, ActivityBasedManagement related techniques are also being used for CorporatePerformanceManagement.

Technology context

reference article "One step further than Business Intelligence" at

also see BusinessActivityMonitoring

HumanResources context

CorporatePerformanceManagement is concerned with increasing the "fit" (alignment) between activities of individuals (or entire functional units) against achievement of strategic goals and objectives.

See a 2005 study of PerformanceManagement (HR context) at


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