Corporate Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome refers to the phenomenon often observed in hostage situations where the hostages start to identify with (and sympathize with) their captor(s), even though mistreated. Corporate Stockholm Syndrome is hereby defined as the phenomenon wherein employees of a business start to identify with, and are exceedingly loyal to, an employer who is manifestly hostile to their own self-interest. Such employers often demand long hours of overtime (even in non-crunch-time). Rather than resist such treatment, employees in such a company frequently:

Such employers frequently:

In many such companies, payscales are above average (making the job look lucrative) but when you compute an effective hourly wage, such companies don't look so good.

Many companies of this sort also are "leading edge" companies in their respective markets; adding to their cachet.

For employees, this is an AntiPattern. For management, this is often considered a good management strategy.

A similar pattern can be observed in politics, but that's a different (and OffTopic) page altogether...
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