Could Do This Myself

"Oh, come on, I CouldDoThisMyself in a week." (an AlarmBellPhrase)

How might we handle this one? Let's list a few things you might, or might not, say when this happens:
Sometimes it's true. I've known programmers spend weeks on something that took me an afternoon. Variation in programmer effectiveness can be enormous.

See also GuruDoesAll (which is basically the second riposte above), TruckNumber (which explains why it's a bad idea), and PairProgramming (a happier approach along the lines of the "partnering" ripostes). --DaveHarris
From (Which has all kinds of other good stuff in it, too)

One thing that many will run into in the computer industry, is employers who are rather clueless and yet don't necessarily realize this. In 1996, a friend told me about a boss he had that needed a C program written for him. After a week, the boss complained that the program wasn't done, and he asked my friend what was taking so long.

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