Creative Economy

The idea of the creative economy is that we're at a 5000 year turning point of human history. Coming from a history of expansion and growth and transitioning toward one of interconnectedness and collaboration. All the way from Conquest to the EndOfGrowth.

The Internet and the rise of communications technologies is a harbinger of that transition. The only way to generate new value for the next 5000 years isn't through continued extraction from the Earth, but by making a creative economy. Napster and such proved that there is untapped value in PeerToPeer culture and we just need to make a platform to unify it.

The WikiWay is an important step in that direction. Imagine if the whole web was wiki. We need "WikiVersionTwo". Wiki needs a PerItemVoting system and UserRanking.

Ultimately, in order to scale, the OSI network model will have to be revamped to get out of ClientServer architecture and into PeerToPeer - which is the natural way for people to connect and interact.

Technical complexity is easier to manage in a single building. PeerToPeer is only more economical if the computation costs are high, which often they are not for communication. Thus, I disagree that ClientServer is a problem or bottleneck. It's one of the reasons why we are moving away from dedicated email clients to web-based email. - t

The issue isn't the economics of computation, but the economics of Attention. Just like the WikiWay, PeerToPeer fits one's natural social predilections. See AttentionEconomy and

The hope is to make a HackerSpace, actual places where people can come together and build things together, transform their communities with ideas of sustainability and replace the again IndustrialEconomy.
But ideas are cheap (BrainsAsaCheapCommodity, IdeasAreWorthless). Collaboration is about being "in the know", kind of an informal socialism. Collaboration is not creativity.

Collaboration can result in creativity by the synergy of previously unconnected parts. Perhaps you missed the UserRanking and PerItemVoting - with these two simple tools, I can build a beautiful fractal economy of knowledge. See GlassBeadGame.

[Build it, and we'll see. Ideas, dreams and visions are a dime a dozen. Only implementation counts.]

See also OpenSourceCulture

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