Cross Platform Testing

When developers work on products that are portable or interoperable across platforms, it is common to use one of those platforms as the preferred platform for development. (Note that "platform" does not only refer to OperatingSystems; it can also refer to different database backends, CORBA ORBs from different vendors, and so on.) The development platform may be the one that is most commonly used by customers, or may be the one with the best development and debugging tools.

In such a situation, there may be forces that cause UnitTests to be run on other platforms only sporadically, or not run at all. This can lead to nasty surprises. When developing cross-platform products, running the tests continuously on all supported platforms is a necessary part of TestDrivenDevelopment. Otherwise, you are really only running a subset of the tests. You can not AlwaysBeReadyToShip if you aren't continuously running the full set of tests for all platforms.

Some tips for cross-platform testing: See: MozillaTinderbox, CruiseControl

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