Crystal Methodologies

One of many AgileProcesses. JensColdewey summarized the entire family of CrystalMethodologies with three phrases:

The shift to CrystalClear (the lightest in the family and the one that in some fashion competes with XP) is just one word change:

CrystalOrange? is described in the book SurvivingObjectOrientedProjects, three known Crystal implementations are described in TheBookAgileSoftwareDevelopment, and CrystalClear is described in detail in the book by the same name (released 2004).

My intention is to set the Crystal site ( up as a resource for agile methods and techniques, articles and discussions. -- AlistairCockburn

When I try to access this, I get "You don't have permission to access /crystal/ on this server."

[But and are accessible.]
See CrystalClearMethodology and SoftwareDevelopmentAsaCooperativeGame.

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