Cynefin Centre

"The Cynefin Centre is an international network that focuses on the application of complexity science to management and organisational practice. The Centre spun off from IBM in July 2004 and will be based in a network of academic institutions. At the heart of the Cynefin Centre is a distinction between ordered and unordered systems, and the consequent recognition that systems with fundamentally different qualities require the application of contextually differentiated methods for both diagnosis and intervention."

"The name ‘Cynefin’ is a Welsh word whose literal translation into English as habitat or place fails to do it justice. It is more properly understood as the place of our multiple belongings; the sense that we all, individually and collectively, have many roots: cultural, religious, geographic, tribal etc. We can never be fully aware of the nature of those belongings, but they profoundly influence what we are. The name seeks to remind us that all human interactions are strongly influenced and frequently determined by the patterns of our multiple experiences, both through the direct influence of personal experience and through collective experience expressed as stories."


See: ChaosTheory re: their relation to "complexity science"

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