Daily Scrum

In the ScrumProcess, this is a daily InspectAndAdapt opportunity.

Each work day the ScrumTeam gathers in the same place at the same time. The ScrumMaster asks each person 3 questions, in turn:

At the DailyScrum, only pigs can talk. Chickens can come to the meeting to observe and learn, but they can't talk, make funny faces, whisper, take notes loudly, or in any other way communicate during the meeting. If they do, they have to leave. If they persist, they can be banned from the meeting. This applies to all chickens, including (especially?) executives.

The DailyScrum is a chance for the team to organize themselves. The DailyScrum is NOT a status meeting, but a meeting that will foster the communication between all participants. The DailyScrum is a tool to create a team spirit in case it is used as a CheckIn? method.

See ChickensAndPigs, ScrumMeetings

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