Daimler Chrysler

The new company formed by the merger of ChryslerCorporation and Daimler-Benz AG.
There is a Wiki in the DaimlerChrysler intranet at http://intra.daimler-benz.com/cgi-bin/wiki -- FrankGerhardt

I have been waiting for several minutes. (You have to be inside the DC firewall to access this wiki, I believe.)

Yes that is true. The Wiki is named as JASWiki. It is mainly for the project Java Strategie which ended with the second version in 1999. The Wiki is also for all who works with Java in this corporation, as the intro says. But the last change was done by FrankGerhardt in August 31, 2000.

A columnist in the Detroit paper asked this question:
 Q: "How is 'DaimlerChrysler' pronounced?". 
 A: "Daimler".

I only make this up:
 Q: "How is 'DaimlerChrysler' pronounced 
    in the IT departments?"
 A: "Chrysler".
-- FrankGerhardt
FrankGerhardt doesn´t work for DaimlerChrysler anymore. How about an update of this site by another employee?

What about XP and Wikis in DaimlerChrysler?

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