Daixtrose Lib

Daixtrose is a CeePlusPlus class header library.

Daixtrose was designed to provide a convenient way to apply Expression Template techniques to any kind of C++ classes without the need to modify any line of code of these classes. As an example, consider you have written a very elaborated high performance class X. The only things missing are the operators and other code which would allow objects of type X to be used within expressions. No problem for us, we have Daixtrose: http://daixtrose.sourceforge.net/.

The current version is 0.0.2 (available from sourceforge). This uses a version of Loki which must be 0.0.4 or earlier and a version of the BoostLibraries which can be 1.31.0 but not later as the Boost MPL library which it uses changed its interface in 1.32.0. (For Loki see ModernCeePlusPlusDesign.)

This is all fixable and I have reported it to the author. A new version is under development.

I am finding that more or less no-one is expressing interest in this code. I looked at it some years ago and was put off then by the warnings about the demand it put on the C++ compiler. My experience now is that GnuCpp both versions 3.4 and 4.0.2 are O.K. with this, so perhaps its time has come now. See ConSol for discussion of the use of DaixtroseLib. -- JohnFletcher
Jan 2006 There is a new version 0.0.3 of Daixtrose which no longer depends upon Loki.
See ExpressionTemplate
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