Dan Kane

...a very happily married limey-American...software technology consultant...geek...hacker...Linux maniac...libertarian...

Can pretty much code in any language I care to...I've long since reached that point where I see beyond the programming language, and now realise that the only limitation I have is the grey fluff between my ears ;-) It's all about the art...the zen of software engineering...

I'm contemplating writing my own Wiki engine in C, or contributing to an existing promising one if I can find one...

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Not, I insist, not listed for ego...but a desire to be as fully accountable for my stupidity as possible ;-)

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Flame away! (just kidding...play nice ;-)

-- DanKane
It's suprisingly easy to get the basics of a Wiki going. The most difficult part is the parsing for links. Now I did use PHP, but having seen it work I'm sure it could be put together in any language. (The perl compatible regular expressions almost seem a must.) I'd like to see the results if you do. Or, leave a note here or on my page and I'll package mine up and post a link. -- AndrewKrisThompson

I happen to have written a pretty sharp parsing engine in C, so I'm keen to see how that works out. I too had considered using PHP (I like it a lot!), but the available choices written in C seemed less well developed...figured I'd take a shot! Of course I will post all sourcecode for review...could hardly call myself a Linux-maniac and do otherwise ;-) Thanks for writing!

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