Dan Moniz

I'm a long-time WikiLurker and figured I ought to start chiming in.

Some brief contact details:

I write for a few places elsewhere on the Web too, primarily memepool and halfbakery.

Programming languages I like (roughly in order of current preference) include CommonLisp, SchemeLanguage, PythonLanguage, SmalltalkLanguage, and JavaLanguage. I occasionally hack in UnLambdaLanguage for kicks and for messing with people's heads. I'll use C where warranted (usually for building tools and libraries on Unix) and I don't mind assembly languages on RISCy platforms (SPARC and MIPS). I'm a proud owner of a Symbolics XL1200 Lisp Machine, my most eccentric toy yet. I recently bought the PickAxeBook and have begun playing around with RubyLanguage; my first self-imposed task is to write a small RSS file grabber (to grab, parse, and display RSS info from sites that support it).

My general computing interests are centered around (but in no means limited to) cryptography, artificial intelligence, network and system security, data analysis and synthesis, evolutionary computing, agent systems, social networks, and most paramount among these: solving problems. Having said that, I also like doing basic research -- research done for it's own benefit. I'm a big believer in simplicity, where even BigIdeas? that may not seem practical are built from simple concepts and work to solve a simple problem: that of understanding.

These days I'm a Staff Technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation <http://www.eff.org/>. I put in time at a number of software companies, including Cloudmark <http://www.cloudmark.com/>, OpenCola, and Viasec, among others.

Some friends of mine on WikiWikiWeb include SteveJenson (who worked with me at OpenCola), ShaeErisson, and DariusBacon.

I currently live in Oakland, California. In the last five years, I've lived in Oakland, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Boston, and Ireland. I'm originally from Schenectady, New York. I can neither confirm nor deny anything about Kibo.

Pages I've started:

Pages I've added to:

Hello DanMoniz, I'm originally from Schenectady too. Probably the only people who can correctly spell Schenectady are those who lived there. --SeanOleary

Hi Sean! Nice to see you here! I agree with your hypothesis about Schenectady, and I would extend it to add that only people who have lived in Schenectady can pronounce it correctly upon reading it. =]

I'm from Skenektady too and you Q's can't spell.


Why don't you give Accordion Guy the money you owe him?

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