Daniel Sheppard

Programmer from Melbourne, Australia.

I have a Bachelor of Economics and Commerce from Melbourne University, but I've never put any of that knowledge to use in my employment (I lean a little too far to the left politically to convince myself to work for most economic and financial employers).

I've been programming extensively in Java for my current employer for the past 5 years, and fiddled in whatever programming languages I could get my hands on before that. I've never had any formal programming education (well... I did do half a year of an Information Systems degree, but I wasn't learning anything, so I stuck to my other degree).

I'd say my skills are good to excellent in Java, XHTML+CSS and javascript (though I try not to use my javascript powers for evil) and Ruby. I'm passable in Python, C# - I've never had the opportunity to use any of those skills on a complete project before, so I can't really comment.

I've done some OpenSource work with http://pmd.sf.net/ and http://httpunit.sf.net/ but mainly I don't have the time to dedicate to OSS. I like to help out here and there on the mailing lists for most of the open source products that I've used.

I try to be a good WikiGnome - I try to pride myself on a calm and professional approach to conflict. If I drop into informality or I seem to be insulting, it's typically a lame attempt at humour.

Contactable at:

email: daniels at pronto dot com dot au

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