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Engineering manager, but still actively developing software.

I created the following page because I think it's an important concept and didn't see much discussion about it: DontCreateVerbClasses

Moved from DontCreateVerbClasses:

{I'd actually think "implementing" an interface and "making an interface concrete" are different things, with the former leaving an interface a truly abstract-base-class (or java interface, or a comment specifying requirements in Python). Might not a "concrete interface" reasonably refer to one with implemented defaults for every overridable method? either that or reference an object wherein the interface hasn't been abstracted (i.e. having not yet reached the ThreeStrikesAndYouRefactor condition, or being an interface leveraged primarily through Templated code?). Regardless, MichaelSparks had a reasonable statement even under these alternate interpretations. I'm sure Michael would attest that I'm a person who demands proper and precise wording in any formal discussion, but unless you could prove Michael meant "implement" and not "make concrete", you (Darren) shouldn't assume it incorrect.}


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