Dave Thomas

There are quite a lot of DaveThomases around. These are two that write and are written about here.

Not to mention the (now-dead) founder of Wendy's, and the Canadian comedian who (along with Rick Moranis) played Bob and Doug McKenzie... :)

Bedarra-Dave is highly respected both for his business and technical knowledge. He not only built a successful company in ObjectTechnologyInternational (which he sold to IBM - OTI produced Envy/Developer, Envy/Smalltalk, Visual Age, Websphere Micro Eedition and Eclipse), he's also very knowledgeable in virtual machines, embedded systems, and language design and implementation. He's also linked to the Carleton University and the University of Queensland.

Pragmatic-Dave is an excellent programmer, consultant and author. He and AndyHunt are the PragmaticProgrammers.


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