David Gray Wright

My name is David Gray Wright and I live and work in AustraliaCountry.

Currently working for Hardcat

Been working in IT since 1993 - I suppose I am a CommodityProgrammers trying to become a GrandMasterProgrammer.

Graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Computing (Information Systems) Caulfield Campus.

Sick of working with BadProgrammer with BadProgrammingPractices.

Started Life Coaching visit my site at http://www.DavidGrayWright.com/

Topics I like...

  1. DavidGrayWright
  2. WilliamEdwardsDeming
  3. FourteenPoints
  4. CapabilityMaturityModel
  5. TotalQualityManagement
  6. DesignByContract
  7. TestDrivenDesign
  8. SoftwareProcess
  9. SoftwareMetrics
  10. SoftwareHandbook
  11. SoftwareEngineering
  12. LawOfDemeter
  13. Cost Of Iraq War -> WarOnIraqSummary?
  14. FewShortMethodsPerClass
  15. AfterTheGoldRush


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