David Thomas

A PragmaticProgrammer and general dabbler, not to be confused with DaveThomas, founder of OTI.

AndrewHunt and I recently published a set of development patterns in ThePragmaticProgrammer ISBN 0-201-61622-X . We're slowly adding some of these to Wiki - there's an index in PragmaticProgrammer.

I'm currently playing with ways of using the RubyLanguage as a prototyping and specification language. Our book, ProgrammingRuby ISBN 0-201-71089-7 was released at OOPSLA 2000.
David, Thanks for your beautiful contribution on DavidThomasOnTheBenefitsOfDynamicTyping.

I'm a CommonLisp programmer, and I agree with you totally, but I'm beginning to think that this schism is mostly a matter of personality. I can't stand manifest typing, but know and respect many excellent engineers who think it's a GoodThing. Go figure. -- AlainPicard
Kudos on your two excellent books with AndrewHunt! -- RobHarwood
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