Debugging Applications

ISBN 0735608865 Author: JohnRobbins (well known for his BugSlayer? column in MicrosoftSystemsJournal)

From the back cover: How can you prevent bugs from creeping into your programs, even before you begin writing code? What practices separate debugging gods from the mere mortals? Debugging Applications describes a powerful, Windows-focused methodology for debugging on the offensive, starting at the requirements phase, so you catch and fix bugs at the source, before customers ever see your software. Expert bugslayer John Robbins reveals lethally effective real-world techniques for resolving just about any debugging problem, from memory bugs and disappearing threads to the hairiest multithreaded deadlock.

A definite must read for any developer who's experienced bugs ranging from simple syntax errors (such as '=' in place of '==' when you meant comparison, not assignment) to those who have been screwed by their compiler.

I'm just getting into the very low-level details of debugging and found it to be an amazing resource for information that, while explained in the context of MicroSoft Windows, can definitely be applied elsewhere.

-- DrewMarsh

Any striking examples to convince those of us whose unread book piles are already heavy? -- LukeGorrie

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