Declaration Of Software Freedom

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Hello - I took the liberty of posting text someone Romeo posted in FD-Philosophy:

Humans have the natural feature of being the most flexible at participating in the information flow between systems of the universe. Therefore is their irreducible right to produce, get and handle the information surrounding them as they see fit.

The nature of information is essentially the nature of time; information is a flow, an exchange, by definition and not a standalone object. Software is a way to handle information, a representation of it, is a language, therefore a way to communicate, to participate in the information flow. Software, as any language, cannot exist if only one uses it. Software, as any language, belongs to human knowledge, and as such, its freedom should be protected from actions which treat it as a propriety object.

Therefore, in this spirit we issue the Declaration of the Freedom Software (The domain of the free software, which is not a property, but a name for the rational distinction between the fundamental right of human beings as pointed above from inconsistent notions like "information property").

The aim of the Freedom Software is to put in practice this humanistic philosophical belief . Those who treat software as propriety objects are simply cutting their links with the nature of humankind, thus distorting the meanings of words like knowledge and progress. Those who treat software as propriety objects have a single way of being consistent with themselves and the world in which they are acting: they should pay rent to MrPlato, MrAristotle, ReneDescartes, Wittgenstein and all the other public thinkers. One cannot use public information to produce nonpublic information, and call this creativity, without proof that the nonpublic part of it is not contained in any representation of the public input.

Once they have you "hooked" on their software, what follows can often be related to extortion.

Something about Scientific method and creation of new knowledge based on existing knowledge. Being able to freely study software and software development practises as much as extending existing software - how secret software is an obstacle for such studies.


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