Deletion Conventions Discussion

I have been here many months and yet unaware of the 24 hours convention mentioned on DeleteVulture. It is not directly listed on DeletionConventions. If this is a time-honoured tradition, many others would have missed it too. Also did anyone mention anywhere about seconding deletion of spams? Still 24 hours? As it stands, DeleteOnceRestoreOnce does not work well. A page created with lots of effort could be deleted within 15 minutes of its creation.

I suggest maybe there should be a fresh discussion of DeletionConventions for all current (2004) regulars, instead of referring people to read pages and pages of various suggestions to create and delete pages.

2004 Deletion Conventions (pages and/or contents within pages)

Any WikiGnome who has been here for a while wish to start? RealNamesPlease or else state reason for staying Anon. I do so because I am not good at responding to flying arrows coming my way. -- AnonymousDonor

I wasn't aware of the 24 hour convention either, but it seems like a good idea. PeerReview is an essential part of WhyWikiWorks; ForestFires and other rapid EditWars defeat that mechanism.

I really think that if consistently applied, DeleteOnceRestoreOnce works really well. Yes, a page created with lots of effort could be deleted within 15 minutes of its creation. If that page actually contains useful information, it'll be restored within 15 minutes of its deletion. It's not how much effort you put into a page that matters: it's how useful it is to other people. Wiki is a reader-centric medium (or should be, ideally); if you want a writer-centric medium, get a WebLog or LiveJournal.

Of course, the problem with any set of DeletionConventions is getting people to adhere to them. DeleteOnceRestoreOnce doesn't help much if somebody writes a script to delete every minute. -- JonathanTang

MicrosoftSlave position on PageDeletion

Never allow anon IP to delete pages, nor to second these deletes. I think I get upset by people who deletes pages of existing community members (people who posts often ) in a stealthy manner. And I laud the efforts of DM to publicly identify himself when he wants to do that.

Most of these difficulties being:

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