Denali Project

A project that JimShore (aka JimLittle) coached for a little over a year. It was a GreenfieldApplication developed using all of the XP practices. He wrote an experience report with a cumbersome title ("Up-Front Design Versus Evolutionary Design in Denali's Persistence Layer") about part of it. That report can currently be found at

Jim, I enjoyed your paper. In particular, I liked your anecdote where writing better tests led you to architecture breakthroughs. -- SteveHowell

Other stories about DenaliProject appear in OptimizationStories (the Denali connection pool) and on the JimShore page (Denali internationalization). This was my most favorite XP project. I had the pleasure of working with Jim during some of these events, and I learned a great deal from him. Enjoyed Portland, worked with a top-notch team, learned a lot. Thanks, Jim! -- RobMyers

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