Dierk Koenig

I learned to know the WikiWikiWeb when searching for information about DesignPatterns and ExtremeProgramming.

I work for CanooDotCom in Basel, SwitzerlandCountry.

Wiki Quick List: http://c2.com/cgi/quickChanges?days=1

We use a local installation of the WikiWikiWeb with some minor modifications. Out we use our WikiWikiWeb as What we found useful: Additionally there is a wiki to provide an interactive help system for XpPlanIt, a tool for capturing the PlanningGame.

contributions: XpAsTroubleDetector, ContinuousIntegrationApplied, XpPlanIt, CanooWebTest, UltraLightClientJava, CollaborationTools, XpAdoptersGroupSwitzerland, EarlyProfiling, LazyOptimization, TestCoverage, DrawingHand, CanFunctionalTestsReplaceUnitTests, MockObject, ElseConsideredSmelly, IsXpaProcess, InfrastructureInXp, DontLimitYourOptions, CanAnArchitectureEmerge, WhatMakesDiscussionGroupsEffective, RubyTestUnit, WikiMigration, RubyTestUnit


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