Direct Show

DirectShow (, formerly Active Movie, is a component of the Microsoft DirectX 8+ ( family of multi-media APIs.

It is characterized by streams of data that are represented and controlled by a graph of data filters.

Filters can have input and output "pins" that permit their interconnection. Pins are typed so that only legal interconnections are permitted.

A filter graph may represent data moving through memory, data moving through hardware, or a combination of the two.

DirectShow is closely associated with the new WindowsDriverModel? (WDM) supported in Windows98 and WindowsNT 5.0.

From DirectX FAQ (

Q: In earlier versions of DirectX, I had to install DirectX Media. Do I still need it?

A: No, not with DirectX 9.0. The key part of DirectX Media for video capture, Microsoft DirectShow(R), has been integrated into DirectX.

Some resources for developers: An interesting tidbit is that most of the API still has ActiveMovie? remnants around it (AMMediaStream, AM_TRUE etc.).


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