Do It

FirstUnionNationalBank's Distributed Object Integration Team (DoIt) is developing DistributedObjects and applying ExtremeProgramming principles, to the relief and delight of other developers in the bank.

Coincidentally (though perhaps deliberately), it's name is similar to doIt, the SmalltalkLanguage MethodSelector (and command) to interactively evaluate a snippet of program code.

System development can be stressful for all concerned, and we believe that incremental development and relentless testing can reduce the typical Sturm und Drang (defined below).

JamesCollins, LarryDeane, NickMaiorana, DanaEdwards, and CarlParziale are team members on Wiki.

XP Practices Include:

With Sturm und Drang, German authors became cultural leaders of Europe, writing literature that was revolutionary in its stress on subjectivity and on the unease of man in contemporary society. The movement was distinguished also by the intensity with which it developed the theme of youthful genius in rebellion against accepted standards, by its enthusiasm for nature, and by its rejection of the rules of 18th-century neoclassical style.

JamesCollins is back at FirstUnionNationalBank, nee Wachovia Bank. DO-IT has been split apart, kind of like a flatworm. Parts of it are growing and thriving in their new cultures. CarlParziale is growing an especially promising slice.

I realize that the DoItStory? still needs to be told.... I promised KentBeck, and haven't forgotten. Bill, Carl, Larry, and Dana - feel free to jump in. Or maybe we should just decide what the moral of the story is, and record that.

"to the relief and delight of other developers": This says it all to me! Moral of the story is: XP works! -- StijnSanders
Hmm. I use "doit" as the name of any temporary batch or command line files I am creating to get a certain complex task accomplished. Then the file gets deleted, of course. I'm not, like, saying anything here.
Are they STILL doing Extreme Programming?

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