Document Object Model

The WorldWideWebConsortium standards for representation of documents (for instance, HtmlDocuments? with CascadingStyleSheets and ExtensibleMarkupLanguage documents) as an object model. Three levels of the specification exist, where each is a superset of the last, and levels 2 and 3 are separated into modules. See for details. Level 1 and most of level 2 are supported by major web browsers for Javascript (the primary audience).

Often mistakenly thought to be part of JavaScript, as that language is most commonly used to manipulate the DocumentObjectModel and its predecessors. --NickFitzsimons

The group news:comp.lang.javascript is always ready to cheerfully and helpfully field questions about HTML and DOM.

The DocumentObjectModel is also used to represent the parse trees for XML (ExtensibleMarkupLanguage) documents. -- EdwardKiser
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