Dominic Cronin

I am a computer programmer living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My current work is mostly in CsharpLanguage, as is most of my programming at home. I also still do some VisualBasic. Back in 1989 I worked on the beginnings of Computer Integrated Manufacturing using tools like C and ORACLE. I did some work in C after that too, but it's been a long time since I really worked in C, apart from the occasional recent excursion when it seemed the best tool for the job. I also worked for a long time on writing database applications using the "Magic" RAD environment. A while ago I experimented with PerlLanguage and messed about in LispLanguage (or more accurately EmacsLisp) to customise EmacsEditor. Did I mention that I also work with a fair amount of ExtensibleMarkupLanguage ?

Other interests include the LightweightDirectoryAccessProtocol and libraries that are useful in that context.

I recently started looking at PythonLanguage - which seems pretty good. Now that I'm running a LinuxOperatingSystem at home I appreciate anything that gives me leverage on disparate operating systems. I suppose I'm also LearningLinux although it's not too daunting if you ever worked on UnixOperatingSystem. Other home projects include investigations into ZopeApplicationServer and PloNe.

I work as a consultant, mainly using the TridionWebContentManagement? system and generally using Microsoft tools.

When I get the time, I'm into EnglishFolkMusic? and RapperSwordDancing?, although spare time is always at a premium, even more so now that I'm a family man. I still try to find time to indulge my obsessions, whether computer-based or not.


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