Donald Fisk

A SmugLispWeenie.

I've been doing software development since 1981. My main programming languages are LispLanguage (various dialects, including my own dialect (see and CeeLanguage.

I have also developed in PythonLanguage, PrologLanguage, PascalLanguage, JavaLanguage, AssemblyLanguage and a few others.

I have mainly worked on SystemProgramming and ResearchAndDevelopment, in these areas: interpreters and compilers, ArtificialIntelligence, SpeechProcessing?, telecommunications, document processing and a few other areas.

At present, I'm developing (unpaid) a Lisp dialect and environment (Emblem)on top of which I'm developing FullMetalJacket?, a graphical DataflowProgramming language (i.e. a relative of PrographLanguage). I presented a paper on this at the International Lisp Conference 2003.

My main claim to fame (if you could call it that) is that I developed MORSE, a web-based movie recommendation system. This no longer runs, but a paper on it is available at

My home page is


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