Dosh Mosh

I've been wanting to create this page for many years!

DoshMosh is a startup that is attempting to make democracy into a global economic force. Its philosophy is that money and votes are both horribly broken information systems - but that by bolting the two together we can heal them. That is to say, make human preference a basis for economics and break the lock the ultra-rich have on buying votes - by letting everyone buy them!

DoshMosh is also the realisation of the idea that began with WikiStoneSociety. But it's got a lot more than that:

And much more. I've been devoting most of my spare time to this project for years. I'm so happy to be at the pointy end of it now and I'd love you to come and play. We're in private alpha for the next couple of weeks and will then attempt a public alpha (scary!). Check out the rough video at for an idea about the UX and email pete @ if you'd like to take part in the private alpha. -- PeterMerel.

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