Dot Net Framework

This is created mid 05 so the bulk of discussion will be on the MicrosoftDotNet that applies to VisualStudioWhidbey or beyond. Earlier versions can be better described as "learning editions".

Nov05 reports reaffirms the statement -> Next version of the (DotNet) Framework is to be incorporated within WindowsFx (WinFX).
(Richard Grimes) I have a very cynical opinion of .NET

The author has many years experience on ComPlus and DotNet and authored books on the subject matter. He has an introductory sample chapter on CsharpLanguage control development at

His farewell address on MicrosoftDotNet in Feb05, published in DDJ, gets lots of blogger such as SamGentile comments regarding its claim that it is getting too bloated." See at

An example of his work, on ObjectSerialization was published in DDJ Oct04, link at

InformationSecurity aspects

See server side for "New Security Features in .NET 2.0" at


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