Double Delete

On Wiki, when a page is single deleted with one of the Delete Conventions, it is in a kind of limbo for awhile. It is deleted, but still there, in that if the page is clicked on, one can still read the delete command and any comments left by the deleter. Now, in order to truly delete a page, it must be deleted by another IP address. The page will be gone, and no comments are there to be read, also no EditCopy. However, there is a history of the page that will remain for a few days, but that takes more effort to retrieve a page from.
Please do not practice double deletion of pages.

Double delete removes a page, but causes problems for WikiGnomes. It takes more time and is more trouble for WikiGnomes to have to go to the pages to see what was deleted and why. When pages are deleted, it is courteous to leave a comment as to why. But, when a page is double deleted, there is no way (except via the history pages) to read that reason. I know, some think that it will prevent or slow down the restoration of pages, but in all actuality experience does not prove this out. Besides, the page title still shows in NewRecentChanges using the del function, proving its name and original existence.

Note this is mistaken on one point: it is possible to read the comments of the original deleter (or first deletion) only, but not the second, via del function of NewRecentChanges edit histories (but this history is not long lived: about 3 days). [3 days is incorrect: Test: http:RecentChanges?del?days=2 -vs- http:RecentChanges?del?days=3, note that same history is provided for both. Thus: approx 2 days is correct] (Be careful not to confuse this edit-history with the page history of:

I think 3 days is correct - you're forgetting that RecentChanges doesn't currently contain entries from December 8th.
Maybe I'm missing something. I thought the idea was that if a page is deleted once, and that delete is then seconded, then some (presumably conscientious) WikiZens have agreed that the page is not needed. So who cares what was on it? If it's a contentious page, someone will go to the history and restore it anyway. "Don't double delete" sounds like some kind of veiled plea to never delete anything. Deletion is deletion; welcome to the WikiNow.

Oh jeez... That works fine if one makes some incorrect assumptions. One must first assume that the double delete was indeed a different user, and one must assume that there was not malicious intent. This page was authored during a time when an individual was double deleting just for the heck of it. Obviously, wiki maintenance does require double deletion, but by those who know and understand how to use it properly and when it is appropriate.

It is relatively trivial for a single user to use an HTTP proxy server, second machine, or other such means, to DoubleDelete a page (or DoubleEdit a change, thus blowing away the old version in EditCopy). Generally, this is only done in EditWars.

Perhaps DoubleDelete should be replaced with a timeout mechanism? If a page is deleted, and not touched within 24 hours, then it gets removed from Wiki; until the timeout expires it is still available in EditCopy. If someone restores it, obviously it leaves "probation". If someone touches it but leaves it deleted (changing "delete" to "deleted", for instance), the 24 hour clock restarts. This would accomplish the same objectives as DoubleDelete, but be less prone to abuse.

The UseModWiki PageDeletion mechanism accomplishes this.

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